Friday, December 13, 2013

Managed IT Services from ServiceDesk, Inc.

ServiceDesk, Inc. is a privately owned IT services provider specializing in core IT functions such as remote Service Desk support, IT Managed Services and 24×7 proactive monitoring.
ServiceDesk was founded by Industry experts with over 30 years of combined experience, so we truly understand Information Technology and the importance it plays in our every day lives as well as within business.
Our objective is to provide our clients with best in class IT services and innovative solutions leveraging new technologies that will assist in delivering unprecedented value-add outcomes for our customers. 

What Sets Us Apart?
  • We find the intelligent staff and retain them
  • Investment in skills, training and mentoring of our technicians
  • Client relationships are of utmost value to us
  • The most obvious: easy to work with
  • Diverse experience across multiple industry sectors
  • Matching technology with business outcomes that deliver a competitive edge for our clients
  • Proactive solutions and Preventative maintenance attitude
  • Attitude and culture focused on innovation, perpetual improvement and customer service
If you are our current customer then we appreciate your business and thank you for it.  If you’re not yet a ServiceDesk customer, then please contact us so that we may have the opportunity. 


Managed IT

As you know, time is precious! You have more important issues to deal with than your computers, servers and network.  However, it is crucial to ensure these critical services are running predictably, optimally and securely. Our fully managed IT program is the ideal solution for an organization like yours, an organization that demands the utmost in reliability and quality service.

We provide total IT support and management for a fixed monthly price – it’s that simple. We provide all of the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the price of staffing one. We reduce the business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence and any unforeseen issues are dealt with as a top priority.  All aspects of your IT environment are covered: security, data protection applications, backups, configuration and management.
When you outsource the management of your important IT resources to us, we look upon this as a partnership. Our comprehensive approach means we are your IT department.  By optimizing your IT, it will work at the peak efficiency and reliability levels that your business demands allowing you to focus on running your business and not your technology.

If you are critically dependent on technology for day to day activities and are looking for a solution that supports your IT requirements then consider our Managed IT service.
A fully managed program combines a suite of services into a single fixed fee package that supports all your IT needs. We deliver value through operational reliability, reduced business impact, and aligned IT & business goals.

Managed Server

Our Managed Server option is great for the small to mid size business that needs full systems administration, monitoring, security and patch management. ServiceDesk does complete end-to-end management of your IT equipment.
  • CPU
  • Disk Space
  • Disk Queue Length
  • Memory
  • Patch Status
  • Connectivity
Key Application Maintenance
  • Active Directory Maintenance
  • Exchange Maintenance
OS Patch Management
  • Download patches
  • Schedule the installation
3rd Party Patch Management
  • Connect to other patch management tools
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Check Disk
  • Defragment
  • Delete Temporary Files
  • Firmware Updates
  • Remote Access Enabled
  • Sync time with Domain Controller
Anti-Virus Monitoring & Management
  • Stay up to date with automatic updates
  • Alerts and notification when virus detected
Unlimited Remote & Onsite support
  • Remote control support
  • Customer visits
Regular Vulnerability Scanning
  • Constant health checks
Managed Backups
  • Backup Deployment & Configuration
  • Backup Performance Monitoring
  • Backup Software Updates
  • Scheduled Backup Jobs

Managed Network:

Sleep better tonight knowing that your critical servers and applications are being monitored 24×7. Our service does proactive checks on your devices and will alert if there is any threshold violations.
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Configuration
  • Firewall Mgmt & Maintenance
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Remote & Onsite support
  • Monthly Network Health Review

Managed User:

Our Managed User service gives your staff unlimited access to our remote Help desk. We assign you with your own phone line so that you can reach our technicians directly and in the fastest manner possible. We also give you access to an enterprise ticketing solution that would cost you upwards of thousands of dollars to implement. Furthermore, we brand it with your logo so that it becomes an extension of your business.
Below are some of the features included with this service.
  • Up to 2 Managed Workstations per user
  • Dedicated support line
  • Unlimited Support during business hours
  • Enterprise ticketing solution
  • Remote Control Support
  • Patch Management
  • Includes Managed Anti-Virus
  • Includes Managed Anti-Spam
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Configuration
  • Workstation Performance Monitoring
  • Config Management & enforce
  • Real Time Workstation Optimization
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Hosted Anti-Spam

Managed Security:

Both the server and workstations are equipped with state of the art anti-virus software which will keep your environment safe from threats and vulnerabilities. Our centralized server monitors your equipment and will alert when a threat is detected giving ample time to remedy the problem.
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
  • Real Time Workstation Optimization
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Hosted Anti-Spam

* Note: All of our services can be used al la carte to fit your needs. Here is our Service Catalog the lists all the various services we can provide your company.
ServiceDesk is ready to oversee, maintain and manage your technology infrastructure to whatever capacity you need us to.  We use a flexible combination of remote IT management tools, ServiceDesk support and local onsite team members.